Cannes & Les Îles de Lérins



Cruising time between Port Camille Rayon in Golfe-Juan and Cannes, Lérins Islands only 20 minutes.

Rental per day Euro 2’500 incl. VAT (incl. Captain/excl. fuel)

From the sea, you can view the palatial hotels that have made Cannes famous. The Carlton, Majestic, Martinez and the famous Croisette. Come alongside the Old Port of Cannes in the centre of the town, and take a stroll in Le Suquet, the old quarter of Cannes, which offers breath-taking views over the bay. You can also enjoy the luxury boutiques lining the Promenade de la Croisette.

Come aboard a Wally Tender for cruising the bay to the Lérins Islands for lunch on one of the islands. Choose between the La Guérite restaurant on the island of Saint Marguerite, or La Tonnelle restaurant on the island of Saint Honorat. Whatever takes your fancy. Or, why not have lunch aboard your Wally Tender?

Nestling between the two islands, you can enjoy your afternoon relaxing or landing on St Marguerite island, famous for its Fort Royal prison, which held the Man in the Iron Mask, or the St Honorat island, well known for its Cistercian monastery that is still inhabited by monks who make various wines.

There are several unspoilt natural spots around the islands and our captain can take you there.

Each island has a recommended restaurant. You can lunch at La Guérite on Saint Marguerite island or La Tonnelle restaurant on the Saint Honorat island. You can also have lunch on one of the many private beaches around Cannes.

Other activities and tours are available on the islands, such as the museum on St Marguerite island, or visit the monastery on St. Honorat Island. Plus, there are sporting activities at sea.

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